Those who are following me also on Instagram may have noticed that I have a new wig that I've been worn a lot lately. It's a wig called Storm Cloud from Geishawigs. My all wigs bought before this one are from Ebay and you can truly see it in the quality of this wig I put effort on when talking about money. It's super soft and doesn't shine at all that much in the lighting, I could actually consider about wearing this also in public, like no problem with that! It had so nice styling originally so I didn't even style it on my own at all. I considered if I had cut bangs on it because I felt a little too sceneish first but then I decided not to because I might had failed badly and I've always had bangs in my wigs so makes a difference this time.

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I'm also wearing GEO Princess Mimi Apple Green circle lenses from Geo Coloured Lenses!


  1. Olet sä kyllä upea ilmestys, ai että

  2. uuu kiva blogi ja upee tyyli! ei varmaan haittaa jos lisäilen sut mun lukulistalle :D

    1. siis ok fangirlaan niin jukuna koska omg oon lukenu sun blogii since 2008 ja inspiroitunut sun tyylistä niin monin eri tavoin niin sain melkein sydärin ku sähköpostiin oli tullu ilmotus tästä sun kommentista!! :D ei TODELLAKAAN haittaa aa a a a aa jfc