I recently ordered three pairs of circle lenses from Uniqso and they arrived last Thursday. I also got an idea back then to challenge myself to create a different look for each day of upcoming weekend. Here are the looks and also reviews of these lenses I got.

FRIDAY: Barbie Crazy Halloween Lens - Red red COLOUR ★★★★☆ // They give really intensive red look for your eyes.
DESIGN ★★★☆☆ // There is not a specific design for these lenses, just a simple plain red circle.
ENLARGEMENT ★★★★☆ // Their diameter is 16.2mm so they surely enlarge your eyes however you could think their diameter is much smaller but that's maybe because of their simple design.
COMFORT ★★★☆☆ // My right eye was all fine but there was some difficulty with my left eye to get used to this lens, the lens was either somehow damaged or it was because of my eye, maybe dryness not sure.

SATURDAY: Geo Crazy Halloween Lens CPF1 (White Out)
COLOUR ★★★★★ // They are 100% white like they are supposed to be and give total crazy intensive look that surely freaks people out.
DESIGN ★★★☆☆ // Just like the red ones, there is not a specific design for these lenses.
ENLARGEMENT ★★★☆☆ // Their diameter is 14.2mm so they are not really enlarging but that's all fine since the goal is obviously just to cover your own actual eye colour.
COMFORT ★★★★★ // They were actually really comfy to wear, couldn't feel the dryness or anything like that almost at all.

SUNDAY: Geo Xtra WIA20 Black
COLOUR ★★★★☆ // Their colour is black but the black part doesn't cover your all eye so when looking close they look more like grey, at least in my actual blue grey eye.
DESIGN ★★★★★ // Their design is pretty simple but make your eyes really cute.
ENLARGEMENT ★★★★★ // Their diameter is 15mm and because of intensive black colour they really enlarge your eyes and give this dollish look.
COMFORT ★★★☆☆ // I'm wearing them at this very moment and they make your eyes feel a little tired and heavy but they don't hurt or anything like that. They are not the comfiest lenses though.

This was my first time when ordering from Uniqso and I was satisfied with their customer service and shipping method. The processing took a few days of the ordering day and again a few days until shipped, the actual shipping took about a week and half which I think is pretty fast from Malaysia to Finland.

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