I came back to my studying city today and there was waiting a little surprise laying in front of the door. Postman had brought me these two little goodies from England.
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I ordered them on Etsy last Friday, from the seller called Twirly Trinkets. Can't be sure which day the letter had arrived but the delivery was fast for sure. The quality is good, I was first a bit worried of ordering the bottom one which is made of velvet, since I was a kid I've had this weird thing that velvet feels really bad for me when touching it like I was allergic to it or something not even sure. It's sad because velvet is such a beautiful canvas. But velvet in this choker didn't luckily feel that bad. I wore the upper one, the lace one and it turned out to be it can a little tickle first your neck but you get used to it. Besides these chokers in the letter there were a greeting from the seller and two little gifts, a black chain and a silver chain which were really nice too.

If I'm in need of a new choker in the future, I'll order from Twirly Trinkets.

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