I've always hated introducing texts but I guess this is the only proper way to start a new blog. Let's keep it simple.


So, I was born in 1996. It's been almost six months now since I turned 18 and actually started truly living. I lived seventeen years of my life in Lapland's capital city and a little over a year ago I moved to another little city on my own to study arts. I really didn't like living in my hometown and neither like living in my studying city. I feel like I'm stuck in both of these places. I feel like I won't be able to truly fulfill myself here or there. I have traveled a lot, I have seen the world. Seeing big places and big cities have made me wanting to move far away from here, to a place where I belong. However I don't know yet which place that would be. But some big, I'm sure.
I consider myself as some kind of alien because I rarely understand people and people understand me. I have weird mind. I like weird things. I see perfection in things the others see ugly. For me art is the way of survive.
I have always been that kind of person who prefers staying at home alone than going out with people. However since I turned 18 and like said "started truly living", I've become much more social. It's a good thing, I guess. I speak fluent sarcasm along with Finnish, English, Spanish, German, Swedish, French and Italian (yes I'm a total language freak, can't speak them all fluently though). I have the shittiest humour sense ever which makes my "trying-to-be-mystical" being very hard. People have said that my appearance doesn't really fit with my personality and it's true but I'm okay with that, I like what kind of person I am. I'm the best kind of friend, so awkward and stuff.
I don't think if this should be considered as a good or a bad thing, but I'm a shopaholic. Like, clothes. CLOTHES. Online shopping is my worst habit. Also I'm a brandwhore so it doesn't make any better combo. Maybe the biggest reason why I made this blog is exactly to be some kind of "fashion blogger" because well, street fashion is my passion. I get mostly inspired of Asian street fashion, so I guess I could also consider my style like that.
Also I think that in this blog I will review things that I order. Like wigs, circle lenses and that kind of stuff. And maybe there will be some deep text posts too since I like to overthink much. I don't know I guess my goal is to keep this blog as cool as possible and not just fulfilled with bullshit. I've been blogging since 2011 but have never managed to post regularly so I guess I can also warn that this blog may also have some long periods in the future when not posting at all.
My blog before this was No Pity For A Coward, which turned out to be a photography blog in the end. I decided to not delete it though.

You can find me basically all over the social media, so if you check these links out you may learn more about me if interested:

Yeah, that's about it. Bye.

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